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Rebuilt International Differentials

Rebuilt International differential for sale.

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We can deliver your rebuilt International differential by tomorrow. We also ship worldwide. We offer rebuilt International differentials and parts.

Thousands of rebuilt International differentials in stock ready to ship today.

We are your one stop rebuilt International differential shop. We service and install any and all, rebuilt differentials.

REBUILT INTERNATIONAL FRONT DIFFERENTIALS S400S RA351 RA355 RA472 RA474 N400 N400F REBUILT INTERNATIONAL I.H.C. REAR DIFFERENTIAL RA351 RA355 RA472 RA474 N400 N400R REBUILT INTERNATIONAL I.H.C. TWO SPEED DIFFERENTIAL G175T M190T M220T REBUILT I.H.C. INTERNATIONAL TRUCK DIFFERENTIALS Differential. IHC REBUILT IHC N400 REBUILT IHC S400 REBUILT IHC RA472 REBUILT IHC RA474 Rebuilt Drive Axle. Rebuilt Axle. Ring and pinion gears, bearings, seals, shims, side gears, carriers and anything else needed to rebuild heavy duty differentials are available. International/IHC All Rebuilt International models available for delivery or shipped Worldwide.

Need it done in a hurry?

Our experienced staff can help you find the Differentials you are looking for. If you don’t see the Differentials you need on our website, please call us at 877-776-4600, we will be glad to assist you


Differentials rebuilt by Pro Gear are covered with a one year, unlimited mileage warranty. *See
warranty. All other warranties are that of the manufacturer.