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Rebuilt Rockwell Differentials

We Stock all Rockwell Differential models.


including Rockwell Truck and equipment Differentials from tandem drive axles, front steer axle to single axle Rockwell Differentials. New, Used and Rebuilt Differential Axles shafts ready to ship Worldwide!

Rebuilt Rockwell differential and Rockwell truck and equipment differentials for sale at warehouse discount pricing.

Any Rockwell Application From off road to over the road: For line haul and city delivery applications, ArvinMeritor offers a full range of tandem drive axles from 34,000 lbs. to 50,000 lbs. GAWR. Meritor tandem axles are built to handle the heavy loads while helping to reduce maintenance and operating costs. ArvinMeritor offers the widest selection of axle ratios with the availability of fast ratios for better fuel economy. And, when tag tandems are required for load distribution, ArvinMeritor can custom-fit virtually any application.

Rebuilt Rockwell Differential

The latest ArvinMeritor design the MT-40-143MA-N was designed to virtually eliminate vibration throughout the entire drivetrain. These axles were engineered with a rear carrier featuring Amboid gear designs providing above-centerline positioning of the drive pinion. This positioning significantly reduces inter-axle driveline angularity which, in turn, minimizes driveline vibration for construction and refuse applications, ArvinMeritor offers a full range of single-reduction tandem drive axles from 34,000 lbs. to 50,000 lbs. GAWR and double-reduction axles from 52,000 lbs. to 70,000 lbs. GAWR. With the widest range of ratios available, and fast axle ratios for improved fuel economy, it’s no surprise that Meritor construction and refuse axles are the most-commonly spec’d in the industry.
Because vehicles in the logging and mining vocations are often required to haul extremely heavy loads, ArvinMeritor offers a wide variety of single-reduction tandem drive axles with gross axle weight rating (GAWR) capacities from 40,000 lbs. to 70,000 lbs.
We also buy and sell Rockwell differentials. We buy Rockwell Differential cores in need of rebuilding. We will buy parts for inventory at a discount Price.
We stock any Rockwell Differential parts your shop may need to rebuild units such as gearing, cases, seals, gaskets and bearing kits; Great for on highway, off highway, industrial, agricultural, construction, mining and logging.
Buy Rebuilt Rockwell Differential at a warehouse discount price. We are your heavy duty truck parts and equipment super store. If you need 10 items to rebuild your unit, make one call because we stock them all. SAME DAY SHIPPING
Pro Gear has been delivering quality for over 20 years. In addition to our large inventory of ready to ship exchange Rebuilt Rockwell Differentials, we also offer a Premier rebuilding service of your Differential axle.
We will be happy to help you locate the Rockwell differential you need as well as free expert advice on service and repairs.