Hendrickson Truck Suspension Parts

Hendrickson AR2 Air Over Walking Beam Suspension

Hendrickson AR2 Series Parts

Contact us today for the parts that you need for your Hendrickson AR2™ Syspension System.  We have any parts in stock, ranging from Equalizing Beam Assemblies to bushings, shims and washers. Shop and save with us! Parts in stock ready for immediate shipping Worldwide.  Remember, if you don’t find what your looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you find the parts you need.

Hendrickson Primaax EX Series Parts

Get the the best quality parts for your Severe-Duty PRIMAAX® EX System. We stock Genuine Hendrickson Torque Rods, Air Springs, Cast Sturctural Beams, Height Control Valves, Cross Beams, Axle Connections and more.  There’s only one way to maintain and protect your suspension’s original
performance. Contact our Hendrickson Parts Specialists today!

Hendrickson Primaax EX Severe duty Vocational Air Suspension
Hendrickson ULTIMAAX-Advanced Severe-duty Rubber Suspension

Hendrickson Ultimaax Series Parts

ULTIMAAX® delivers enhanced stability, handling and ride quality even in the most severe-duty environments where vehicles encounter harsh and unexpected ground conditions. When you need replacement parts to keep up in extreme environments, only accept Genuine OEM Hendrickson Progessive Load Springs, Saddles, Frame Hangers, TRAAX ROD – Torque Rods, Rubber Shear Springs and Premium rubber bushings in stock and ready to ship today.

Hendrickson HAS Series Parts

Maintain driver comfort and superior cargo protection with OEM HAS Series Parts.  Applications including beverage, fire rescue, sweepers, recycling vehicles, tanker tractors, RVs, on-highway vans, school buses and commercial bus applications, greatly benefit by using only genuine Hendrickson parts. Contact us today to get you back to business tommorow.

Hendrickson HAS Light-duty Vocational Air Suspension
Hendrickson HN VariRate Spring System

Hendrickson HN Series Parts

Maintain your VariRate® Spring System with EOM Hendrickson parts for your dump, rufuse, mixer, logging and military vehicles and equipment. We have HN® OEM Rubber Bolster Springs, Saddles, Bar Pin End Connections, Shock Absorbers and Auxillary Springs.  is designed to reduce weight and improve ride quality without sacrificing durability and stability in vocational applications.

Hendrickson RT/RTE Series Parts

Hendrickson-designed springs provide a consistent spring rate for longer life as the equalizing beams distribute load equally between both axles for improved traction. Maintain your Axle system with Genuine Hendrickson Rods, Spring Hangers, Spring Packs, Equalizing Beams, Extended Leaves, and more. 

An important part of keeping your equipment operational is having access to the right parts when you need them.  Pro Gear and Transmission can help to get you back on the road in minimum time. We offer a one year warranty on all parts and ship internationally.


Hendrickson HAS Light-duty Vocational Air Suspension

Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems

BrandModelInfoParts ManualSales ManualService Manual
HendricksonAR2View Page AR2 Parts ManualAR2 Sales ManualAR2 Service Manual
HendricksonHAS 40LH-400 Tandem AxleView Page HAS 40LH-400 Tandem Axle Parts ManualHAS 40LH-400 Tandem Axle Sales ManualHAS 40LH-400 Tandem Axle Service Manual
HendricksonHASView Page HAS Sales ManualHAS Maintenance Manual
HendricksonHAS single Axle SpartanView Page HAS-single-Axle-Spartan-Parts-ManualHAS single Axle Service Manual
HendricksonHN FRView Page HN-FR-Parts-ManualHN-FR-Sales-ManualHN FR Service Manual
HendricksonHNView Page HN Parts ManualHN Sales ManualHN Service Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EXView Page Primaax EX Sales Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EX - Army Heavy Dump TruckView Page Primaax EX - Army Heavy Dump Truck Sales Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EX - CaterpillarView Page Primaax EX - Caterpillar Parts ManualPrimaax EX - Caterpillar Service Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EC Composilite SC MixerView Page Primaax EC Composilite SC Mixer Sales Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EX-Firemaax EXView Page Primaax EX-Firemaax EX Parts ManualPrimaax EX-Firemaax EX Service Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EX-FreightlinerView Page Primaax EX-Freightliner Parts ManualPrimaax EX-Freightliner Sales Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EX-InternationalView Page Primaax EX-International Parts ManualPrimaax EX-International Sales ManualPrimaax EX-International Service Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EX-KenworthView Page Primaax EX-Kenworth Parts ManualPrimaax EX-Kenworth Sales ManualPrimaax EX-Kenworth Service Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EX-MackView Page Primaax EX-Mack Parts ManualPrimaax EX-Mack Service Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EX-MilitaryView Page Primaax EX-Military Sales Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EX-TridemView Page Primaax EX-Tridem Sales Manual
HendricksonPrimaax EX-VolvoView Page Primaax EX-Volvo Parts ManualPrimaax EX-Volvo Sales ManualPrimaax EX-Volvo Service Manual
HendricksonRT-RTE Heavy DutyView Page RT-RTE Heavy Duty Sales ManualRT-RTE Heavy Duty Service Manual
HendricksonRT-RTE InternationalView Page RT-RTE International Sales Manual
HendricksonRT-RTE MilitaryView Page RT-RTE Military Sales Manual
HendricksonRT-RTEView Page RT-RTE Parts ManualRT-RTE Sales ManualRT-RTE Service Manual
HendricksonUltimaaxView Page Ultimaax Sales Manual
HendricksonUltimaax Fire RescueView Page Ultimaax Fire Rescue Parts ManualUltimaax Fire Rescue Sales ManualUltimaax Fire Rescue Service Manual
HendricksonUltimaax InternationalView Page Ultimaax International Parts ManualUltimaax International Service Manual
HendricksonUltimaax KenworthView Page Ultimaax Kenworth Parts ManualUltimaax Kenworth Service Manual
HendricksonUltimaax MilitaryView Page Ultimaax Military Sales Manual
HendricksonUltimaax Western StarView Page Ultimaax Western Star Sales ManualUltimaax Western Star Service Manual

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