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Rebuilt Meritor Differentials

We offer rebuilt Meritor differentials with a great price tag and worldwide delivery.

Rebuilt Meritor differentialNew, used and  rebuilt Meritor Differential, Meritor differential parts available. Thousands of Rebuilt Meritor differentials in stock, ready to ship today.

We service and install any and all, reman Meritor Differentials. Our crown wheel and pinion gear go through detailed testing and are designed, manufactured in matched sets for optimal performance and reduced wear. This means that your purchased parts will meet the Rockwell Meritor standards that the original manufacturers trusts.

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Identifying Your Meritor Differential Type

Meritor Differential Identification Plate

The Identification Plate

Every differential leaving the Meritor factory is fitted with an identification plate which contains all the information needed to ensure the correct replacement parts
are obtained.

Merritor Differential Casting Number

The Casting Number

If the plate is missing or not available: Locate casting reference on main differential case.

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