Thousands of new & rebuilt truck differentials in stock.

We service and install any and all, reman differentials. Our crown wheel and pinion gear go through detailed testing and are designed, manufactured in matched sets for optimal performance and reduced wear. This means that your purchased parts will meet the standards that the original manufacturers trusts.

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Rebuilt CAT Differentials

The differential plays a critical role within a Cat® machine’s drivetrain by changing the direction of the power coming from the transmission 90 degrees to allow the axles to be driven. They also allow speed and torque differences between the left and right axles. 

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CAT Differentials for sale

Rebuilt Dana Differentials

We offer a variety of Dana differentials.  All in stock ready to ship out today.  We can help when you need a special TTC Spicer differential for your truck or equipment. We have distributor and factory inventories to provide overnight availability on hundreds of differential models and ratios!

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Dana Differentials for sale

Rebuilt Eaton Differentials

We service and install any and all Eaton Truck and Equipment Differentials for Freightliner, Kenworth, International, Peterbilt, Volvo, Mack, Ford, GMC, Crane Carrier, CCC, Autocar, Western Star, Dodge and Oshkosh trucks.

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Eaton Differentials for sale

Rebuilt Fabco Differentials

We supply the full line of rebuilt Fabco rear-ends and differentials parts for your equipment, truck, semi, 4-wheel drive, off-road and performance vehicle. Fabco axle systems are durable and low maintenance with an extended service life. 

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Fabco Differentials for sale

Rebuilt FWD Differentials

Thousands of rebuilt fwd differentials in stock ready to ship today. Contact our differential experts today. We are your one-stop rebuilt differential shop. We service and install any and all, rebuilt fwd differentials.

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FWD Differentials for sale

Rebuilt International Differentials

We stock a full line of new, used and rebuilt International differentials, replacement parts and other accessories ready to be shipped to you at a moment’s notice!

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Rebuilt International Differentials

We service and install any and all, rebuilt Isuzu differentials. We have all models of Isuzu Axles and Differentials in stock.

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Rebuilt Mack Differentials

Quality comes first. We use the highest quality parts for each unit we rebuild and professionally trained re-builders ensuring the finest replacement product for your Mack truck or customers to keep them coming back to your shop time and again.

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Mack Differentials for sale

Rebuilt Marmon-Herrington Differentials

We can deliver your rebuilt Marmon-Herrington differential by tomorrow. We also ship worldwide. We offer reman Marmon-Herrington differentials and parts.

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Rebuilt Meritor Differentials

New, used and  rebuilt Meritor Differential, Meritor differential parts available. Thousands of Rebuilt Meritor differentials in stock, ready to ship today.

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Rebuilt Navistar Differentials

Our warehouse is stocked full and ready for whatever you may need, including rebuild kits, bearing kits, ring and pinion sets and any other related part you may need at discounted prices. 

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Navistar Differentials for sale

Rebuilt Oshkosh Differentials

Thousands of rebuilt Oshkosh truck differentials in stock ready to ship today. We are your one stop rebuilt Oshkosh differential shop. We service and install any and all, rebuilt Oshkosh differentials.

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Oshkosh Differentials for sale

Rebuilt Rockwell Differentials

Rockwell truck and equipment differentials from tandem drive axles, front steer axle to single axle differentials including new, used and rebuilt differential axle shafts ready to ship Worldwide! 

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Rockwell Differentials for sale

Rebuilt Spicer Differentials

We offer a vast variety of rebuilt Spicer differentials for trucks and equipment. Call today to find out what we can do for you and how we can deliver your Spicer differential to anywhere in the World with same day shipping.

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Rebuilt Sterling Differentials

We are your one stop rebuilt Sterling truck differential shop. We can deliver your rebuilt Sterling differential by tomorrow. We also ship worldwide. 

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Rebuilt Timken Differentials

We want to earn your business and will help you in any way we possibly can. ProGear and Transmission Inc. is here to serve you.

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Rebuilt ZF Differentials

We offer reman ZF differentials and parts. Thousands of rebuilt ZF equipment differentials in stock ready to ship today. 

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Don’t see the differential you need? Call & speak to a differential expert.

We carry rebuilt, new and used differentials and parts for big rigs, trucks and equipment. Our experienced staff can also help you with your differential-related questions. At Pro Gear and Transmission Inc., we are your one-stop rebuilt Differential shop.
We service and install any and all, rebuilt differentials. Thousands of differentials in stock, ready to ship today including,  new and rebuilt Mack differentialsRockwell differentialsEaton differentialsDifferential Parts, and more. We can help you with any semi truck part no matter what brand. If you don’t see the parts you need, give us a call we stock all makes and models.

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How to calculate differential gear ratio?

Your axle gear ratio determines how many times your driveshaft rotates for every full tire rotation. The gear ratio can often be determined from the vehicle’s VIN code or listed on the axle tag. Some manufacturers, may not include that information in the VIN. The ratio can also be found by dividing the number of teeth on the ring gear by the number of teeth on the pinion gear.

[ Ring Gear Teeth / Pinion Gear Teeth ] = [ 41 / 11 ] = [ 3.73 ]


Calculate your gear ratio below by entering the number of teeth on your ring gear & pinion gear.

Differential Gear Ratio

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