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Rockwell Meritor Gear Sets & Ring and Pinion

We can provide Rockwell Meritor parts and service manuals upon request!

meritor logoThe Meritor drive axle aftermarket product line supports you with a complete range of replacement parts and assemblies. We offer parts, service and repair form the newest tandem axle to axles that have been around for decades. Helical Drive and Driven Gears, Input Shafts and Thru Shafts Side Gears, Pinion Gears and Spiders.

Tested for Your Commercial Grade Vehicles

Ring and PinionOur crown wheel and pinion gear go through detailed testing and are designed, manufactured in matched sets for optimal performance and reduced wear. This means that your purchased parts will meet the Rockwell Meritor standards that the original manufacturers trusts.


The crown wheel & pinion are the most stressed parts of the vehicle the arrangement of these two is known as a hypocycloid. A hydrostatic drive works by either mounting the standard hydraulic system hardware onto a reservoir with an attached hydraulic motor or by bolting a housed hydraulic pump & motor to a mechanical axle.

They are used to maintain forward motion, to maintain this momentum both output drive shaft sides covers are removed & the pinion and crown wheel are swapped completely with the differential.

Axle Applications:

  • Over the road Linehaul and On-Highway
  • Bus, Transit and Motor Coach
  • Specialty and Off-highway
  • Military

Air lockers and more for Commercial vehicle drive axles

  • Freightliner
  • Peterbilt
  • Kenworth
  • Mack
  • Ford and GM

Premium Aftermarket Products:

  • Complete axle assemblies, new carriers and remanufactured carriers
  • Fastest and most complete ratio range in the industry from 2.47-7.17
  • Service specific kits
    • Seals & Bearings
    • Inter-Axle Differential Components
    • Fasteners
    • Shims & Spacers
    • Complete Main Differential Assemblies
    • Seals
    • Bearings
  • Differential Components
    • Gear Sets
    • Helical Drive & Driven Gears
    • Input Shafts & Thru Shafts
    • Spiders, Side Gears and Pinion Gears
  • Housings and Axle Shafts
    • Rebuilt Kits
    • Install Kits
    • Axle shafts

Rockwell Meritor Bearing kits, noiseless and vibration free, Spiders, axle gears, power divider parts, carriers, torque rods, Bushings, u-joints, differential housings, tandem axles and 6X6 on and off-road trucks and vehicles.

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Transmissions rebuilt by Pro Gear are covered with a one year, unlimited mileage warranty. *See
warranty. All other warranties are that of the manufacturer.

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